I will work with ALL parties in Annapolis to:

  • Reduce the taxes that hurt our families and drive jobs and retirees from our state.

  • Create new jobs by reducing excessive regulations and allowing businesses to grow.

  • Reduce a bloated government budget by cutting waste and inefficiency
  • Demand government accountability to the taxpayers.
  • Reduce traffic congestion by dedicating gas tax revenue to road improvements.
  • Maintain local control of our schools.
  • Protect public safety through support to our Police and Emergency Services workers.
  • Maintain funding for open space and agricultural preservation.
  • Maintain a first rate public education system.

Dear Voters:

     I was the District C Representative on the Harford County Council when I deployed to Iraq in 2006 as an Army Reserve Officer assigned to the Army's 101st and 82nd Airborne Divisions. During my three years in Iraq with the Army and with the State Department, I mentored Iraqis throughout that country on the basics of democratic governance, the rule of law, and economic development. When I first arrived in Iraq I had already served several terms on the Bel Air Town Council and a term on the Harford County Council, and had worked for 20 years as an attorney. I believed I had a stronger-than-average appreciation for our American systems, but the incredible experience of mentoring a people totally unaccustomed to liberty, democracy, or capitalism left me with a profound appreciation for the genius and beauty of our Constitution, our freedoms, and our economic system. Now, after eight years supporting our mission in Iraq and other missions in the Near East, I have returned home and I am again asking for your vote so that I can serve the citizens of Harford County.

      Our state is exceptional in so many ways and should be leading the nation in quality of life, economic opportunity, and respect for liberty. But that is not the case; instead, our economy remains stalled and now ranks 49th of the 50 states for stagnation of gross domestic product; our state has imposed over 40 new taxes in the past eight years; businesses and retirees are leaving the state; and we have the 9th-highest rate of violent crime in the nation.  

     These terrible numbers show what happens when government defines as its primary role the remaking of a society and ignores the critical fundamentals of running the government. It's what happens when government puts more effort into creating and spending new taxes than into managing essential government operations. It's what happens when our state tries to do the jobs of the local communities in running our schools. It's what happens when government forgets that our economic success lies in the awesome power of personal liberty to unleash

private sector initiative and healthy competition. It's what happens when government supports an economic system that uses tax payer-funded handouts and lobbyist-inspired tax breaks to determine which businesses succeed and which do not. It's what happens when government fails to appreciate that the people, not the bureaucrats, are the leaders. 

     In government, as in everything else we do in life, it's key that our officials remain focused on the fundamentals of governing and not become distracted by their personal desires to fundamentally remake America. With your help, I will challenge our leaders in Annapolis to refocus their efforts on the fundamentals of governing.

    Thank you for your support.  


                                          Senator Bob Cassilly

                                                    District 34, Harford County

* Aberdeen & APG * Abingdon * Bel Air * Belcamp * Edgewood * Emmorton * Havre de Grace * Joppa * Joppatowne * Perryman * Riverside