A stronger economy – More jobs, higher take home pay, lower taxes, and less government regulations

Senator Bob Cassilly will continue to be a leading voice on improving the economy, building to a stronger future for our families, businesses, and the state. Since his election in 2014, Bob has worked with Governor Hogan to improve our business climate, leading to over 100,000 jobs created, including recruiting and retaining quality jobs in Harford County. He has helped increase the average take home pay for hard-working families, with bigger paychecks and lower taxes. Among his many legislative efforts, Senator Bob Cassilly:

  • Co-sponsored More Jobs for Marylanders Act, signed into law by Governor Hogan, to create more jobs. 
  • Voted for legislation to help remove regulations and bureaucratic red tape that hinder business growth.
  • Voted for tax credits for small businesses and companies creating jobs.
  • Voted to reduce income taxes on our families and provide greater economic relief.